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Ball reappointed to Colorado Child Support Commission

July 21, 2020

Colorado Governor Jared Polis reappointed YoungWilliams Regional Vice President, Jeff Ball, to the Colorado Child Support Commission for a four-year term beginning July 2020. Ball has served as the Chair of the Commission for the past three years. The Commission is statutorily charged with making recommendations to the General Assembly that would improve child support delivery in Colorado. Two bills of note, one in 2018 and one in 2019, were enacted that modernized the administrative process to establish and modify support and updated the child support guidelines.

YoungWilliams Wins Wyoming Contract

July 07, 2020

The Wyoming Department of Family Services (DFS) has awarded YoungWilliams its third consecutive contract to operate five full-service child support offices in the state. YoungWilliams has held the contract with DFS since 2008, providing child support services in 13 of Wyoming’s 23 counties, and managing approximately 14,000 cases. 

For the past six years, Wyoming has ranked #1 in the federal performance measures used to gauge a successful child support program. “We are elated to continue our work with the top performing child support program in the nation and to continue serving Wyoming families,” stated Jeff Ball, YoungWilliams Regional Vice President. 

Bengston Voted NCSEA President-Elect

June 08, 2020

Lori Bengston, Project Manager for the Nebraska Customer Service Center, will serve as the President-Elect of the National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA) for 2020-2021. Bengston will become the NCSEA President in August 2021.

Bengston’s involvement with NCSEA spans almost 20 years. She currently serves as the Board Secretary. She is most proud of her part in developing NCSEA U, NCSEA’s professional development initiative for emerging leaders.

YoungWilliams Opens Remodeled Office in Gulfport, MS

December 19, 2019

YoungWilliams hosted an Open House Monday, December 16, 2019, to celebrate the Grand Opening of its new and improved Gulfport location. More than 40 people were in attendance, including staff from the YoungWilliams corporate office, local judiciary, State Office personnel, and law enforcement to show their appreciation for the efforts of the local child support staff and tour the new location. 

Rutledge elected WICSEC President

November 01, 2019

Ellen Rutledge, YoungWilliams’ Professional Development Coordinator, was elected President of the Western Intergovernmental Child Support Engagement Council (WICSEC) at its annual conference in October. WICSEC supports child support professionals across the nation with an annual training conference and learning opportunities throughout the year.

Pearson Appointed to ERICSA Board

September 23, 2019

Tammy Pearson, YoungWilliams North Carolina Manager, was recently appointed to the board for the Eastern Regional Interstate Child Support Association (ERICSA). ERICSA, a professional development organization for child support, supports the industry with a training conference and other activities.

Pearson has been involved with ERICSA since 2011, first as an attendee, then as a member of the communications committee. For the 2019 conference, Pearson organized ERICSA’s first Inter-Jurisdictional Fair.

It's August! YoungWilliams Celebrates Child Support Awareness 2019

August 01, 2019

Since 1995, the Child Support community has observed August as Child Support Awareness Month. The Child Support program has long been recognized as one of the keys to self-sufficiency for families. President Bill Clinton established Child Support Awareness Month to recognize the accomplishments of the program and its employees. YoungWilliams partners with child support agencies in 11 different states. Our services are seamless and customer-focused. We connect with child support customers and stakeholders every single day. 

Parents. We establish paternity and support orders, enforce and modify support orders, receive and distribute payments, and answer questions in person, over the phone, via email, web chat, and more.

Community Partners. We work closely with other state and local agencies to educate them on the child support program, help their customers with child support concerns, and provide resources for our child support customers (e.g., workforce services, substance abuse, parenting support groups, etc.). 

YoungWilliams Opens New Office in Martin County, North Carolina

May 09, 2019
YoungWilliams is providing child support services to even more North Carolina families with the addition of its new office in Martin County. YoungWilliams was awarded a contract to provide full-service child support to approximately 2,300 cases.

Smith Promoted to Regional Vice President

January 28, 2019

YoungWilliams announces that Jeremy Smith has been promoted to Regional Vice President-South.  In this position, Smith will continue to manage the Mississippi statewide full-service child support project and will provide oversight of additional full-service child support operations in the southern region of the United States as new projects are added. Smith has been employed by YoungWilliams in a management capacity since 2012 and serves on the Emerging Issues and Best Practices Committee of the National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA). 

Call Center

YoungWilliams to Operate Louisiana’s Statewide Customer Service Center

January 08, 2019

After a public procurement process, the State of Louisiana entered into a master contract with YoungWilliams to operate its statewide customer service call center. Under the master contract, state departments, political subdivisions, and other government entities that use Louisiana’s public procurement process may enter into specific agreements with YoungWilliams to provide services. The new customer service center, which will be launched in March, 2019, will initially replace a call center operated by another contractor on behalf of Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).  YoungWilliams plans to provide call center services from two locations, one in Bossier City and one in Baton Rouge.  The company will respond to inquiries and generate outbound messages on behalf of the child support, Family Independence Temporary Assistance Program (FITAP), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and other programs under the umbrella of DCFS.

John Stapleton, Vice President of Contact Centers, stated, “We are collaborating closely with the State to create a flagship customer service center.  Our goal is to deliver outstanding customer care, while complementing and supporting the essential work of our public-sector partners.”