In re Shockman (Kansas 2020)

No. 121,818 (Kan. App. 2020)
April 2020

The trial court has the authority to manage legal proceedings, which can include delegation of child support matter to a court trustee. The father filed to modify the custody and support provisions of a divorce decree. The scheduling order indicated that the child support would be referred to the court trustee. The trial court heard the proceeding and at the close stated it had adequate information to determine child support. The trial court issued an order modifying support downward and entering a judgement for arrears. The father appealed, arguing that the trial court had indicated the child support would be referred to the trustee. The appellate court upheld the order, noting that the trial court had the authority to manage the proceeding as it saw fit in the interest of justice and economy. The trial court clearly stated at the close of the proceeding that it had enough information to decide child support and neither party objected.